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6 x Fairy Max Power Washing Up Liquid, Pomegranate,640ml+Cleaning cloth

6 x Fairy Max Power Washing Up Liquid, Pomegranate,640ml+Cleaning cloth

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With the new Max Power Fairy technology, Fairy Max Power Pomegranate Washing Up Liquid requires 4x less scrubbing. Washing up has never been easier or faster, thanks to innovative Anti-Leak Technology. Irresistible scent to leave your kitchen infused with an invigorating freshness. With Fairy Max Power Pomegranate Washing Up Liquid, cleaning your dishes is a breeze thanks to the most practical bottle in the Fairy collection – it’s upside down and has a no-flip cap for quick and easy dosing. Fairy’s concentrated solution produces rich bubbles and long-lasting suds from every drop, ensuring that your dishes are squeaky clean and the job is completed. Fairy breaks through thick grease and grime for a sparkling clean with less scrubbing. A small amount goes a long way toward leaving your dishes pristine and clean. The cap, which is made with anti-leak technology, allows you to simply squeeze out the amount you need up to the last drop – for less mess and waste. 

These food-safe, non-woven cloths are excellent for wiping and cleaning, featuring a pink design for easy designation to a specific area of your establishment, allowing for colour coded cleaning that helps to reduce cross contamination and increase hygiene. 


  • Dimensions 45(H) x 580(W) x 330(D)mm
  • Material 50% polyester, 50% viscose
  • Weight 475g
  • Colour Red
  • Colour coded for hygiene purposes
  • Excellent wiping capability
  • Certified food safe
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