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Nesquik Cereal 375g Chocolate

Nesquik Cereal 375g Chocolate

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Product Description

Five simple ingredients and all the taste of Nesquik in the classic ball shape.
Nesquik cereals make milk chocolate and ensure a breakfast rich in taste and important nutrients, as they contain vitamins and minerals. Thanks to iron and vitamins B3, B5 and B6, Nesquik cereals provide your children with a daily dose of inspiration to stimulate their ideas and creativity. Nesquik cereals are allies of moms, good breakfast and snack for little ones, because they are simply nutritious: whole grains are their ingredient #1.
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For a full breakfast, add to Nesquik cereals 125 ml of milk, a glass of water and a seasonal fruit.

Safety Warning

To store the product, after opening, fold the edge of the inner bag and keep in a dry place away from heat.

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