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Oven Pride Complete Deep Cleaner500ml+Elbow GreaseAll Purpose500ml+CleaningCloth

Oven Pride Complete Deep Cleaner500ml+Elbow GreaseAll Purpose500ml+CleaningCloth

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Our Oven Pride 2-in-1 system transforms racks and grills and even tackles the inside of the oven! The fume free formula is easy to use and will leave your oven sparkling clean with amazing results every time. It's also perfect for use on the BBQ too! Includes: Bag (765x540mm) + Bottle + Gloves. Step 1 - Preparation Step: Use the leaflet for detailed Instructions. Read & retain all instructions and safety information before use. Inspect the bag and gloves thoroughly before use. The gloves provided are for convenience only. Long rubber gloves are recommended. Do Not use the bag or gloves if they are damaged in any way. Wear gloves and ensure arms and wrists are covered at all times. Protect surfaces thoroughly from any leakage, taking care not to let the solution drip onto areas not intended to be cleaned. Step 2: Place no more than 2 racks in the bag taking care not to tear or puncture the bag, then add 1/2 - 3/4 of the solution into the bag. Remove air from bag and seal, fold around the racks, then tilt the bag to coat the trays. Leave to soak for 4 hours, ideally overnight. Step 3: Pour the remaining solution in the oven. Carefully apply with a sponge. Leave to soak for 4 hours, ideally overnight. Step 4: Remove racks without reaching inside and rinse carefully with hot soapy water. From inside the oven, remove residue with sponge and rinse with hot soapy water. Step 5 Disposal: Wear - gloves and keep arms fully covered at all times. Bag - Partially fill with water, seal and tilt so the solution collects in one bottom corner of the bag, cut off the other corner and then tilt back to allow the residue to be safely poured down the sink immediately with running water. Bottle - Simply rinse with water and dispose of in a safe way immediately after use.

Elbow grease's all-purpose degreaser, the wonder product, removes grease and oil spots. This one-of-a-kind, solvent-free mixture is mild and safe for removing grease stains from sensitive and coloured fabrics while also being strong enough to clean auto parts and metal surfaces. Ideal for eliminating difficult grease stains from kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as carpets and other surfaces. Spray bottle with a capacity of 500ml.

Removes grease and oil from fabrics, metal and plasticMultipurpose degreaser and cleaner. Works with kitchen surfaces and bathrooms.

Powerful and Flexible Application - The elbow grease all-purpose degreaser is ideal for cleaning tough grease stains from kitchen and bathroom surfaces, fabrics, carpets, glass, and even engines and machinery. The spray has a variety of applications throughout your home.

 Non-Woven cleaning wipe. A great value, lightweight and disposable all-purpose cleaning wipe, which is perforated so it provides good absorbency and dirt collection.

 The Handy wipe is food contact safe. 

Can be used wet or dry. Each Cloth measuring 60cm by 30cm

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