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Febreze Ambi Pur 3volution Plug In Air Freshener Refill - Crocus & Blue Bell Scent, 20ml

Febreze Ambi Pur 3volution Plug In Air Freshener Refill - Crocus & Blue Bell Scent, 20ml

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1 x Febreze 3volution Air Freshener Plug-in Refill, Crocus & Bluebell, 3 Scents 20ml

  • Continuously removes odours and alternates between 3 complementary scents for noticeable freshness
  • Lasts up to 90 days (if used 12h per day at low setting)
  • A boosted scent that travels further
  • 3Volution with Odourclear Technology continuously removes odours, leaving a light fresh scent
  • 3Volution alternates the complementary scents every 45 minutes so you keep noticing the freshness

Did you know your nose gets used to scents quickly, and even stops noticing them with normal plug-ins? 
To solve this so-called nose blindness, Febreze 3Volution Air Fresheners with an updated design continuously and automatically alternate between three complementary, high-quality scents every 45 minutes for a continuous fresh experience every day. 

3Volution Plug-In Air Freshener with OdourClear technology cleans away tough lingering odours 
Leaving the air fresh and fragrant for up to 90 days (if used 12 hours a day at minimum setting).

For all-over freshness
Febreze 3Volution with OdourClear technology clears the air of tough lingering odours, to leave you with a fresh scent for up to 90 days1. The donut-shaped starch molecule cyclodextrin binds unpleasant smells, while citric acid neutralises to eliminate – not just mask them. A polymer then acts as an odour magnet to draw out and trap any bad smells, leaving a fresh scent.

*if used 12 hours a day at minimum setting

Alternating scents
When you get nose blind, it tends to get used to scents quickly and stops noticing them. For always-on noticeable freshness, the digitally controlled scent alternation changes between three scents every 45 minutes.

Intensity control
Because 3Volution with intensity control is plugged into an electrical outlet, the scent released is more noticeable and fills the room with the freshness you need. It also gives you 3 levels on different intensity for tailor made freshness experience.

Smart programming
Febreze 3Volution will signal with flashing lights when the refill is empty. For peace of mind, it will remind you a second time seven days later, so that you never run out of freshness and your home is always guest ready.
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